PsychAssociates bring comprehensive and high quality professional clinical psychology services to the people we serve

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We work in facilities providing long-term residential care, short-term rehabilitation, post-acute care, adult day health care, assisted living, and PACE programs. Since our inception in 1993, our psychologists have assessed and treated over 50,000 people.

Our Mission

We compassionately and competently meet the mental and behavioral health needs of the people we serve. We believe strongly in integrating into the culture and structure of our facilities to accommodate and complement their specific needs and preferences. We are committed to working at the interface of physical and mental health to better serve each patient as a whole person.

What We Do

Our psychologists integrate seamlessly into health care teams, working hand-in-hand with physicians, social workers, nursing and rehabilitation staff, dieticians, clergy, recreational therapists, administrators, and ancillary staff to address the mental and behavioral health care needs of the people receiving services at our facilities and related settings.

We provide competent and compassionate psychological assessment and treatment within an interdisciplinary framework, which powerfully enhances the quality of life and response to medical treatment and rehabilitation of the people we serve.

We help professional and family caregivers understand and address the emotional and behavioral needs of their patients and loved ones. 

We provide staff training and leadership consultation to improve team effectiveness, confidence, quality, and workplace safety.

We have a long history of legislative and regulatory advocacy and public education to support the profession of psychology and to protect and improve access to quality services for older adults and disabled persons.


Eric Garfinkel, Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Eric Garfinkel is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of PsychAssociates Group and Early Childhood Associates. His expertise is in clinical psychology and public health. Dr. Garfinkel served as a consultant to the American Psychological Association (APA) Committee on Aging and the Practice Directorate Medicare Task Force. He also served for 10 years on the Executive Committee of the New York State Psychological Association.   In recognition of his legislative and regulatory impact on psychology licensure, Medicare mental health policy, and Medicaid coverage for aging and disabled individuals, Dr. Garfinkel was honored with the Karl F. Heiser APA Presidential Award for Advocacy. 

Jeanne Devine, Ph.D., Chief of Staff

Dr. Jeanne Devine started with PsychAssociates as a staff psychologist in 1998. As a gifted teacher and effective team leader, Dr. Devine quickly advanced to the role of supervising psychologist and then served for a number of years as PsychAssociates' Director of Education and Training. In that role, she taught psychologists the special considerations involved in long-term care settings and trained thousands of long-term care staff in behavior management. Dr. Devine is also an experienced speaker and grant writer.

Elizabeth Engelman, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Services

Dr. Elizabeth Engelman brings a unique lifespan developmental perspective to her work as Director of Clinical Services. Prior to joining PsychAssociates in 2002, Dr. Engelman worked with developmentally delayed infants and preschoolers and their parents in school, community, and hospital settings. She also worked with inner city adolescents residing in group homes, consulted for Project Head Start in New Jersey and for the New York City police department, and has maintained a successful private practice for nearly 30 years. Dr. Engelman is a seasoned clinician who brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her role as Director of Clinical Services, leading the way forward with innovative training and recruitment strategies.

Michele Gilliard, Practice Administrator

Michele Gilliard has been PsychAssociates practice administrator for the past 18 years. She plays an instrumental role in the onboarding, credentialing, and paneling of our psychologists, ensuring compliance with federal and state guidelines. Ms. Gilliard is also responsible for billing services and ensures overall smooth operation of the practice.


David Glenwick, Ph.D., Director of Research Emeritus 

PsychAssociates Group [is] an innovator in developing and integrating psychological services into medical, educational, and corporate organizations.

Nita M. Lowey, Member of Congress, 2008