PsychAssociates Group offers interesting jobs with diverse populations in a great work environment.  Positions may include:

  • flexible hours;
  • full or part-time schedules;
  • excellent benefits including competitive salaries, health insurance, 401K, and IRS approved flexible spending accounts;
  • research and grant writing support;
  • consultation with supervisors and peers;
  • and opportunities for advancement within the organization.

As a PsychAssociates psychologist, you will work not only as an independent professional but as part of a team.  The team approach is designed to create an environment that keeps your work fresh and exciting, and helps provide you with opportunities for learning, developing new skills, and interacting with colleagues.  As a staff psychologist, our commitment is to provide you with a work environment that brings out your best. 

PsychAssociates is dedicated to the profession of psychology and committed to advocacy and public policy work.

To apply for a position with PsychAssociates Group, please email or send your resume to:


Eric Redlener, Ph.D., President
PsychAssociates Group
910 West End Avenue 1C
New York, NY 10025